DAY 21

09:40 h
Institutional opening. Impact of the Recovery Plan on transport sustainability

The funds of the mobility plan in which the Ministry of Transport participates represent an investment of more than 13,000 million euros.. The ministry estimates that its mobility plans will generate a contribution to GDP of 20,000 million euros and create up to 280,000 new jobs. Biogas and hydrogen will play an indisputable role in this transformation process of all modes of transport.

Francisco López
Gasnam President
Maria José Rallo
Secretary General of Transport and Mobility- Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda

12:30 h
The Mobility of the Future, technological perspectives: evolution vs disruption

Reaching the CO2 emission reduction targets implies the progressive substitution of fossil fuels in all modes of transport, either by converting the engines or renewing the fleet. At this table, the leaders of the transport, air, maritime, rail and road sectors will make an assessment of what the deployment of BioGNV and Hydrogen represents in terms of technical viability and cost to face this challenge.

Jorge Dahl
Business Development Manager, Spain DNV
MODERATOR: Claudio Rodriguez
General Director of infrastructure of Enagas

David Pistoni
Cofounder and CEO at Zeleros Hyperloop
José Miguel Bermúdez Menéndez
Energy Technology Analyst – Hydrogen and Alternative Fuels at IEA

13:10 h
Challenges of public passenger transport

Big cities are making steady progress towards zero-emission mobility. Madrid, Barcelona, Aragón and Palma will share with us their sustainability strategy and the role that renewable gases will play on the road to decarbonization.

Mateu Marcus Fiol
Managing Director of EMT Palma
Juan Ortíz Taboada
Managing Director Consorcio Transportes Zaragoza
Alfonso Sánchez
Managing Director EMT Madrid

11:30 h
The development of vehicular biogas. Present and future

In 2021, Spain and Portugal have started supplying biogas at their service stations. In this conference we will analyze the experiences of transporters and station operators, and the impact of the biogas roadmap on the development of this fuel in the Iberian Peninsula

Jose Luis Cabo Sánchez- Online
Deputy Director General of Hydrocarbons and New Fuels
MODERATOR: Jose María Chamizo
Alternative Energies Director of IVECO Spain
Luis Miguel Berdasco Blanco
Operations Director at HAVI Spain
Pedro Jesús Campillo López
CEO ESP Solution
Antonio Murugó
HAM Manager

DAY 22

09:20 h
Multimodal transport and energy HUBs

Transport activity has expanded considerably in recent years with the globalization of the trade, together with the need to move towards an increasingly sustainable fleet. As freight and passenger flows accelerate, supply chain agents have had to review their supply strategies. In this context, multimodal transport is a sensible solution to meet the needs of consumers and solve the problem of the net saturation, but it must be accompanied by multi-energy HUBS that act as qualifiers for the introduction of LNG, bioLNG or Hydrogen in the mobilities that interact in them: maritime transport, road and rail, seeking joint solutions that reduce the specific costs of each mobility.

Maria Luisa Dominguez
President at ADIF
MODERATOR: Claudio Rodriguez
General Director of Infrastructure at Enagas
Francisco Toledo
President at Puertos del Estado

10:00 h
The World’s Largest BioGNL Production Facility Is Here

We will address this success story in which Wärtsilä and Biokraft join forces to develop the world’s largest biogas liquefaction plant, with a production of 50 tons per day and with the latest cutting-edge technologies that will allow the production of green fuel to power ships. The project shows that the decarbonisation of maritime transport can begin now.

Antonio Miranda Bonet
Head of Bunkering, Naturgy
Terje Hyldmo
Biokraft Business and Business Development Manager
María Ortiz
Wärtsilä Biogas Sales and Solutions Manager

10:30 h
The heavy truck (HGV) of the future

There is an unanimous agreement: the fuel cell is a ‘key technology’ for achieving ‘CO2 emission – free high-tonnage transport’ in the future. These trucks are getting closer to the roads every day, but what are the technological challenges that must be overcome? How will the refueling net be like? When will the serial productions begin? At this table we will try to answer these questions from the main manufacturers in the sector.

Jaime Sánchez
Director of Advanced Engineering at IVECO

11:30 h
Overview of the renewable gas market and how to reduce investment risk

This table will analyze the drivers that allow renewable gas production projects in our country to be made viable, the impact of the rising cost of emission rights, the perspectives regarding the biogas roadmap recently published for consultation and other aspects that may help reduce investment risk

José Simón
Managing Director at Pavilion Energy
MODERATOR: Rubén Esteller
Deputy Director of the Economist
Silvia Sanjoaquin Vives
Head of New Business Development at Naturgy.
Gabriel Butler
Ceo of Genia
Pablo de Muller
Founding partner of Suma Capital

12:10 h
Hydrogen mobility and refueling solutions

One of the great challenges facing the penetration of hydrogen in the transport is logistics. In this table we will analyze solutions for the supply of hydrogen to the different modes of transport: road, rail or ship

MODERADOR: Álvaro Sauras
Jefe Técnico de LUIKE Editor
Fernando Impuesto
Director General de Innovación Abierta y Emprendimiento Corporativo de Enagás
Rafael Calvera
Vice President Calvera Group Chief Commercial Officer
Miguel Ángel Alonso Juliá
Director of Engineering and European Funds Office at Alsa / National Express Group.
Sandra García Agudiez
Gerente Senior de Asuntos Corporativos en Toyota

12:50 h
BioGNL excellence in maritime transport, Carbon neutral shipping companies

Biomethane production, marketing, supply infrastructure and the end user, the shipping company, meet at this table to contribute their vision on the role of BioGNL in the decarbonization of maritime transport. A complete vision of all the representatives of the value chain, which will allow us to know first-hand the perspectives, the potential, the levers and the barriers that exist for the development of this carbon-neutral fuel and available to immediately start the path to zero emissions.

MODERATOR: Luis Guerrero Gómez
Director of Marine and Offshore. Bureau Veritas

Vincent Picand
Head of origination, markets and regulation at Total Energies Biogas
Georges Bassoul
Managing Director at Balearia
Mathieu Lefebvre
CEO Waga Energy
Jippe Van Eijnatten
Titan LNG Business Development Director